You organise training course or conferences for dental surgeons, orthodontists or dental prosthetists,
We expertly promote them by carrying out your communication campaigns.

Every communication campaign is :

A RESPONSIVE email campaign to dental surgeons, orthodontists or dental prosthetists located in departments chosen by you

Its Publication on Facebook in the main dental groups, including ours: Dental training and conferences.
You may have questions. Contact us at 06 60 89 66 66 or fill out the form and we will call you back as soon as possible.
Why choose us
Because we have one of the largest databases in France with over 32,000 email addresses of practicing dentists, updated daily and segmentable by departments for your local campaigns.
Because we have successfully helped dental professionals for more than 8 years in the promotion of their training courses and conferences and the presentation of their publicity material.
Because we optimise the deliverability of your email campaigns by sending them from a dedicated IP address that has an excellent reputation with ISPs (Internet Service Providers).
Because your email campaigns are RESPONSIVE to ensure perfect readability, i.e. your campaign message automatically resizes to your recipient's smartphone, tablet or computer screen size.
Because we guarantee to inform all generations of practitioners: young people are on Facebook in the main dental groups in which we are allowed to publish and the less young ones are in our database.
Because your campaigns are targeted: either by email or when we publish in our Dental Training & Conferences Facebook Group which includes more than 5,000 dentists interested in training.
 Because your campaigns can be sent within 24 to 48 hours when necessary: our unrivalled responsiveness allows us to prepare your campaigns and send them out very quickly. 
Because our prices are the most competitive despite the incredible number of dentists reached by our campaigns.
Because we are currently the only company offering you communication [email + Facebook] to promote your conferences and training courses efficiently.
We have a pro-active approach to make your conferences and training courses a success: we write to dentists and do not wait for them to find your events on websites or in magazines!  as if they had time to search ...
You may have questions. Contact us at 06 60 89 66 66 or fill out the form and we will call you back as soon as possible.
The rules to follow
  • choose the right dates for your event: avoid holidays and check whether there are any events on the same dates that may “compete” with yours.
  • start promoting your conference or training course 6 months in advance, so that professionals interested diarise the date and don’t make other commitments.
  • carry out 3 campaigns : the first will allow all those who are interested to register right away; the second will target the undecided; and the third 15 days before the event will convince the last minute takers.
  • add the logos of your partners and offer them a direct link to their website for a nominal charge: they will fund part or even all of your campaign. This charge will be pocket money for them considering the opportunity to attract new clients.
  • suggest topics of interest.
  • promote your speakers by presenting their background and adding their photos..
  • get even more attention from your recipients by putting a video in your campaign message.
  • give national significance to your local events as we also publish them on Facebook; it would be a shame not to miss the chance.
Those who trust us
Other than training courses and conferences
And if you do not organise training or conferences, you may want to :
  • present your services or materials,
  • find a new employee or a buyer for your practice,
  • contact the profession to explain the actions of your union or association
  • etc.

Contact us to talk about it.


You may have questions. Contact us at 06 60 89 66 66 or fill out the form and we will call you back as soon as possible.


for communication with Dental Surgeons

in departments chosen by you.